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Click here for Student Organization University Commons Storage Space Agreement
• All organizations seeking a storage location must apply by the annual deadline date set forth by the Office of Campus Activities, Service & Leadership & Hospitality Services. Information regarding the application timeline will be shared during the spring semester.
• Failure to submit an application by the established deadline may result in the loss of assigned space or being placed on a waiting list.
• Organizations currently suspended by the SGA are not eligible to apply. Organizations that are currently sanctioned by the SGA may apply but may not receive an office location due to the nature of the sanction.
• All student storage space locations are available for reallocation at the beginning of each academic year and are subject to change. Storage space locations are available on the third floor of the Student Center in Room 329A
• Priority will be given to student organizations that are reapplying.
• All organizations must agree to the policies outlined below.
• All tenants are required to:
o Maintain a clean, safe environment at all times. No Food should be stored in cubbies.
o Keep organization’s property within the designated area inside the storage cubby. No items should be left in the room.
o Obey State of NJ Fire Code regulations (i.e. no candle storage)
o For safety and security reasons, the university maintains the right to conduct periodic storage space inspections and to address maintenance and other university needs. Student leaders will be notified via e-mail should any violations occur.
o All personal and organization items MUST be removed at the end of each academic year or if the organization has been removed from an assigned space during the academic year. This is to ensure appropriate cleaning and possible reallocation for future use.
• Organizations are not permitted to change storage location assignments without first presenting a request to the Office of Campus Activities, Service & Leadership and Hospitality Services.
• The use of hot surface appliances and cooking appliances are not permitted inside the University Commons and should not be stored in the cubbies. These include, but are not limited to, camping stoves, electric stoves, electric kettles, toaster ovens, gas appliances, barbeque grills, propane units, coffee pots, popcorn machines, irons and curling irons. Refrigerators and microwaves are not permitted.
• Tenants are prohibited from posting signs, decals or any other markers on doors of the storage cubby.
• Painting and other permanent changes are not permitted.
• Any damages that occur to assigned storage space locations or amenities could result in a financial charge and possible university conduct referral.
• Violation of this agreement may result in the loss of the assigned storage space. Violations will be addressed by either the Office of Campus Activities, Service & Leadership, Office of Hospitality Services, or the Student Government Association
. I have read and fully accept the Storage Space Agreement for a University Commons storage space and I am prepared to take responsibility for any assigned space I may receive. I further understand that I may be held accountable for any violations committed by members of my organization while occupying an assigned storage location. I also understand that the terms of this agreement take affect at the start of the fall semester and expire on the last day of the spring semester.